Bike Servicing – Click here to book

At Rollquick we offer competitively priced bike servicing from our Bristol workshop. From minor faults to major problems, the team has the expertise to resolve the problem. Our fully trained staff have years of experience in all styles of bikes so we can make sure we will have your bike covered.

Every bike is different. Below are the prices we charge to resolve common bike problems – for both vintage and modern bikes. For other issues, we quote on a case-by-case basis, dependent on parts and labour. Whatever the cost, our pricing is always fully transparent.

Full service (excluding parts): £45
Full safety check, including gears and brakes.

Cassette/freewheel fitting: £10
Includes fitting. (Prices for cassette/freewheel vary from £15-£40 depending on speed)

Bottom Bracket fitting: £15
Excludes bottom bracket (Most priced at £15)

Road Replacement Pads + Fitting: £13.99
Includes pads and fitting (upgraded pads available)

Gear tuning: £17
Includes front and rear gear tuning for optimal performance.

Brake adjustments (F+R): £10
Brake tuning and adjustments for safety and performance.

Gear cable fitting:  £19.00 (Extra if internal cables on frame or bars) Priced per cable 
Includes cables, outer cable and adjustments.

Brake Cable Fitting: £17.00
Includes cable, outer cable and adjustments.

Puncture repair (per tyre): £10.00
Includes brand new inner tube and fitting.

If you’re not sure what you need, just get in touch or pop in for a chat. We’ll be able to advise you further.