2012 – The bike building began in the backyard of a house I was renting with 3 others. The landlord was nice enough to let me use a tiny shed out the back which allowed me to work in all weathers. This then moved onto a garage under a flat I was renting which enabled me to expand with more bikes and ultimately quit the day job!

2014 – After a successful stint of building up vintage bikes in Cardiff I made the decision to do the switch to Bristol. I had taken on delivering bikes to customers when I was in Cardiff and was delivering more and more to Bristol which soon made me realise Bristol was a bit cycle mad. The first premises was a quirky unit on Merton Road (Just off Gloucester Road). This enabled me to get in a lot more bikes which was also timed perfectly with the vintage bike boom. Many of the bikes built were bought from charities around the UK. 

2016 – The biggest move yet for Rollquick. It was a scary step moving into a shop on Gloucester Road but couldn’t turn down the opportunity. At the start it was quite an empty shop full of a lot of bikes but it was a great challenge, the biggest being making the commitment of taking on more staff. Over the next few years after opening things went from strength to strength, moving up to 4 full-time staff.

2019 – By the end of the summer 2018 we realised it was getting way too busy for the current size of the shop so we made the bold decision to create a large extension. After digging 1m trenches by hand, working 14 hour days and dealing with a lot of obstacles it was finally completed in July! With double the amount of space we have now been able to separate the workshop, bring in a lot more bikes and stock a large range of accessories.