Cinelli Cork Bar Tape Rosa (Pink)

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In 1983 Antonio Colombo invented an entirely new “feeling” in the history of cycling bartape: Cinelli Original Cork Ribbon. Upon its release this grippy, spongy but durable and ultralight mix of EVA and natural cork immediately rendered other bar tapes of the day (made from cotton or vinyl) technologically null.

Within the space of a few short years the tape became an industry standard, spontaneously adopted by professional and amateur riders across the globe and copied (poorly) by every major cycling brand in the world.

Cinelli were imitated so much, by everybody in the industry, who didn’t just make bartape from EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl-Acetate) but also shamelessly sprinkled cork into their mix, making it seem almost identical. So Cinelli started writing “Original Cork Ribbon” on their boxes for those who couldn’t remember!

If it's not Cinelli, it's not original cork ribbon.

Winner of the 2000 Consumer Choice Award.


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