BBB Roadprotector road mudguard

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Every road cyclist knows the struggle to deal with fenders on your bike; you want to keep yourself dry and clean, but they often look not very appealing on your bike. Luckely we got the RoadProtector. This fender is easy to take off when it’s dry due to a little clip and only a little bracket will be left on your bike. When it’s raining, click your fender back on, the fender will keep you and your bike dry and clean, and the stylish design will do the rest to make you fall in love. Is the rainiy season over, take the brackets easy and fast off your bike and nothing will be left. Keep your bike as stylish as always, and yourself comfortable and dry.

  • Colors Black
  • Adjustable Angle
  • Mounting location Front brake bolt
  • Mounting system Quick-release
  • Quick release type Easy Quick-release
  • Tire width 28mm
  • Material PP


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